Monday, June 4, 2012

Madness Monday

Question of the day.

Today's question of the day is: Who is Dorthy Langley?

I have talked to my Aunts and my father but all I have gotten is the name Dorothy.

Dorothy was an older daughter from a previous relationship that my grandfather Ben Langley had before he met my grandmother Berniece.  I have not been able to find her on ancestry or Family search. I don't have any information on her other than who her father is and that she would have been born before 1931.

I had hoped to find my grandfather Ben (Benjamin Franklin) Langley in the 1930 census and thus maybe find Dorothy there but have not had very much luck with that. Where would you look?

Thank you to all from Geneabloggers who have welcomed me to the blogger-sphere

 Update Edit:
I should have looked at Geneabloggers first because they had a better title for this day's post then I did.
Their description of Madness Monday :
             "Madness Monday – create a post with the main focus being an ancestor who either suffered some form of mental illness or an ancestor who might be hard to locate and drives you mad. This is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers."

Friday, June 1, 2012

Miles Files 11.5

I live on what is called the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We are fortunate enough to have a Genealogist / author Moody K. Miles, III, who has posted on the website linked through the local library his data base that he calls the Miles Files.

This has been an enormous help to me as I have been researching my wife's father's family who has been here since the 1600's.

The Miles Files website is best described by his into:

"The MilesFiles, Version 11.5, December 2011, contain about 63,000 names from the Eastern Shore counties of Accomack and Northampton, Virginia and Worcester and Somerset, Maryland. It includes the first 6 generations of descent of the First Families of Virginia from the Jamestown era (listed in the Muster of 1624/5) that settled in these four Eastern Shore counties. "

I also have several of his books.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Thought this was an interesting idea. Wedding Wednesdays as a suggestion by Geneabloggers
 So my aunt Eileen Cagle (she's a Langley and my dad's sister) sent me my grandparents Marriage Licenses
 Dec 29th 1931 Berniece M. Fowler(1913-1971 married Benjamin Franklin Langley(1905-1959)

70 years later to the day my dad Roger G Langley married my step mom Cynthia A (Kulow) Oemig.

My dad had been unaware of this till I got this License.

So I hope everyone has a great Wedding Wednesday!

I also want to welcome my new followers and a special thank you to my cousin Fran for recommending Geneabloggers to me!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Gas station

So this is an attempt to post a picture. I have to thank Fran Ellsworth who has truly been a great source of information on the Langley side of the family as well as Genealogy as a whole. So Fran posted a picture of Charlie D Langley's gas station along with this caption "  Lynn Sneed labeled this as Charlie Langley Gas Station Clinton OK. She did not indicate he was in the picture" Anyone having this picture or information on it please contact me.  Charles D. Langley(1881-1834) Was my great Grandfather on my days side

It goes Charles D. Langley -- Benjamin Franklin Langley(1905-1959)---Roger G Langley(1950-)--to me your host.

To organize

I spent time yesterday trying to organize a little.  This has been one of my many issues since starting this project is organization. I have used Fran's video that she gave me a link for and made a folder and started printing things out. Hope everyone is having a blessed Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Indian in the Cupboard

So has anyone looked in the Dawes Rolls?
There has always been a rumor as I hear there is in every family about an Indian connection so I have been trying to find it but have been looking in the wrong location.
Note to self (myself not the family Self) Fowler's listed in the Choctaws page 28 will look at names later.

Have you found your connection and if so where is it? How did you find it?

Intro - Because every Story should have one

So this is my new Blog it’s a family blog. It is mainly notes that I am sending to myself.
Family surnames I am looking at are:
Langley-  I am a Langley
Fowler- My Grandmother on my dad’s side was a Fowler
Reilly- Her mom was a Reilly
Self My Great grandmother on my dad’s was a Self
Stevens- My Mom was a Stevens
Orendorff My grandmother on my mom’s side
Raynor My wife’s Mom is a Raynor
My Wife was born a Kelly

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!